Paramedic and EMT Training

EMS is an exciting and rewarding career field. There is a need nationwide for EMT’s and Paramedics to provide emergency care for the sick and injured. We will explore “How to become an EMT and paramedic”, as well as what to expect as an EMT and Paramedic.

Training takes place in the classroom, internships and hospitals. Several employment opportunities across the state await those who successfully achieve certification. Theme parks, EMS systems, hospitals and other businesses hire EMT’s and paramedics for their first aid offices. State certification programs and national certification programs are available as well.

Paramedic and EMT requirements for training and certification differ from state to state.  Please select your state from our list below for state specific Emergency Medical Technician Training information.

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Paramedic Education and Wages

Paramedic schools across the nation are trying to keep up with the demand for more personnel. EMS is a highly critical career field always on the lookout for people with the drive, determination and skill to enter the field. Saving lives is an experience few people can claim to know intimately.

Schools can be found in every state. You can research the certification requirements of each state and find out which schools are the best. Paramedic salaries will vary by city, EMS system, business, hospital and more. The more experience and higher certification you have gives you the potential to make more money than others in your field.

Since the EMS field is always changing with medical breakthroughs, you will never experience boredom or a rut. There is always something new to experience and learn.

Online Paramedic and EMT Training Courses

For those desiring to enter the fast paced and exciting field of EMS, online training may be the answer. Schools may not be available close by; online training may fill the classroom requirements for your state. Online training courses also let you have a good look at the field so you can decide to continue your education.

It is possible your state may accept online training as the classroom training. If not, you can certainly begin your training online. When you are able to enroll in a state certified school, you will have an edge over the other students. In the EMS field, any edge you can have will benefit you.

Begin your training today in one of the most fast-paced, exciting fields in medicine today. Your new future awaits you.

Becoming a Paramedic

People see the uniforms of paramedics every day. They arrive on the scene, save lives, take people to the hospital and seem to vanish like the Lone Ranger. If you have ever wondered, “How do you become a paramedic?” look no further. Learn about the classroom, hands-on skills training, internships and testing requirements here.

Paramedics are always training with new technologies, medical procedures and rescue techniques. You will always be on the forefront of this amazing field. Opportunities are available in hospitals, EMS systems, private ambulances, air ambulances and more. With more specialized training, you can command a higher salary.

Look further into your state’s paramedic requirements to see if this field is right for you. Doctors, nurses and others respect the decisions and actions of paramedics. This is one career that lasts forever.

Becoming an EMT

EMT stands for emergency medical technician. Each state has specific training and skill requirements for the certification. One state may allow you to start IV’s while another state may not. The EMS field is wide open for becoming an EMT.

You will begin with classroom training, learning anatomy, first aid, wound care, rescue and much more. Specific hands-on skills training will be added and then you will join the field with an internship in an ambulance. This internship will allow you to experience the field first hand.

Once you become certified by passing the state exam, employment opportunities abound in the EMS and business communities. You can certainly train for higher certifications while working in one of the most exciting careers in the country today.

Paramedic and EMT Careers

Paramedic and EMT job duties are as varied as the calls they make. You will evaluate each patient and work accordingly. No two calls are exactly alike. That is only a small part of what makes the job exciting. You will document each call with specific details that the doctor and hospital can use to further treat the patient.

At the station, the ambulance or rescue unit will be inventoried and stocked. You will charge the defibrillator batteries, clean the inside of the ambulance and the station. When not cleaning, performing inventory or other duties, you will train on and research the latest new rescue and treatment innovations.

The paramedic and EMT fields are always growing with new innovations and treatments. You will never be in a boring, routine job. There is nothing else like it in the world.

Getting certified as an EMT

Becoming an EMT is an accomplishment many people work hard to achieve. It takes dedication and diligence to study, practice the practical skills and pass the tests. EMT certification requirements vary from state to state. You are entering an exciting field that is evolving with technology.

There is a prestige attached to EMT’s. People look up to you; when they are hurt or sick, you are the one they call. You will handle everything from skinned knees to delivering babies. During EMS month, you could be delivering public safety training to local schools and groups.

You can make a difference in people’s lives by being there when they need you the most. Few careers offer the sense of accomplishment that EMS can give. Begin your career today by learning what it takes to for you to become an EMT.

Getting certified as a Paramedic

A Paramedic certification is the hardest test to pass in emergency medical technology. You will learn medications, advanced anatomy, advanced cardiac life support and much more. After classroom and intensive skills training, you will practice your skills with internships in an EMS system and hospital training.

You could participate in public safety education, first aid training and educate the public about what you do as a paramedic. Along with EMS, there are opportunities in wilderness rescue, aeromedical transport, theme parks, hospitals, medical offices and other businesses.

Certification at the state level allows you to work anywhere in your state. A national certification is accepted in most states across the country. With a national certification, you may not need to take classes again. This is an ever-changing, advancing field that works to make difference by saving lives.