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How To Become An EMT In Modesto, Ca

Congratulations on your decision to begin training to become a certified EMT in the city of Modesto, California. With an area of 37.092 square miles and population of 201,165, you will have plenty of EMS employment opportunities. In fact, Modesto could very well be one of the most exciting cities in California to have an emergency medical services career in. All of the information that follows will give you the procedures you must follow.

You must be at least 18 years old to be certified as an EMT in Modesto, Ca. The first step is to enroll in and complete an approved EMT course and pass both written and practical skills tests. You will then be required to pass written and practical skills testing to certify for the National EMT registry. These are separate tests that require application fees. The next step is to take the certification test for the state. This can be done through an EMS agency or at a Department of Public Safety. You can find an approved EMS agency in your local area by clicking here.

You may be required to pay a fee and submit a photograph, a valid ID and pass a background check by the agency you apply to. In the basic EMT course, you will learn the skills necessary to provide care to patients that are injured or ill.

The course consists of three parts. The didactic, or classroom, is 120 hours long. This provides both medical knowledge and practical skills needed in the field. The second part is an internship with an approved ambulance company or EMS system. At least 24 hours and contact with 10 patients is required. An additional 10 hours of clinical internship in a hospital will also be required. Keep in mind that it may take longer than 24 hours of internship to have contact with 10 patients. During your internship, you will be supervised by an instructor or by approved evaluators. The final course testing can take between four and eight hours.

There is more to becoming an EMT in Modesto than taking the course and passing tests. In order to enroll in a course, you will need to provide the following:

  1. A current CPR certification card from the American Red Cross
  2. A current professional rescuer CPR certification card from the American Red Cross. This must be kept current during your class and EMS employment.
  3. Documentation from a licensed physician that you passed a physical exam and have no physical or medical limitations to performing tasks that EMS requires. It must be signed by the physician.
  4. Documentation showing approval for respirator mask testing and fitting from a physician.
  5. Documentation showing immunizations, positive or negative titers or refusal forms for Measles-Mumps-Rubella, or MMR, Hepatitis B vaccine or immunity, Varicella and Tuberculosis.
  6. A current health insurance card
  7. A high school diploma or equivalent
  8. The textbooks required by the course.


The basic EMT course will teach specific information such as anatomy and physiology, medical legal aspects to emergency care, limited pharmacology and other information. Practical skills will also be taught such as:

  1. Patient assessment
  2. Airway management which can include the use of oxygen and breathing aids such as masks
  3. Treatment of injuries such as splinting, the use of cervical collars, backboards and more
  4. Advanced first aid and CPR
  5. The proper use of an automated external defibrillator
  6. Proper movement and transportation of sick or injured persons


Some Modesto EMS agencies may provide additional training or skills. These skills, equipment or training can only be used in the particular EMS system. They can include:

  1. The proper use of an epi-pen
  2. Perilaryngeal airways
  3. Use of the medication Naxolone
  4. The use of Duodote kits


The certification is valid for a period of two years; you will be required to recertify every two years. A refresher course of 24 hours or presenting documentation of 24 CEU’s is necessary before taking the exam.

Advanced EMT Training Modesto, Ca.

For Advanced EMT certification, or AEMT, you must be at least 18, have a current EMT certification card in addition to the requirements for basic EMT. The course requirements are:

  1. 88 hours of classroom training
  2. 16 hours of clinical training in a hospital
  3. 24 hours field, or ambulance, internship
  4. Contact with 10 ALS or advanced life support patients


You will learn and add new skills to your repertoire. Each EMT level builds and adds to previous levels. These will include:

  1. Blood glucose testing
  2. Perilaryngeal airway equipment
  3. IV therapy
  4. Drawing blood
  5. Additional medications that may be used by your particular EMS agency.


You will be required to pass written and practical skills for this level as well. The certification will last for two years; retesting every two years is required. A total of 36 CEU’s are required before recertification testing.

EMS is one of the most demanding and exciting fields to belong to. Few professions are as respected and trusted today. Good luck serving Modesto!

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